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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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because we are, and we are going to ask the court for the earliest possible date. this is not a case that's going to drag on for months and months and months. this is case where we're prepared to go to trial as soon as possible and hopefully that will happen as quickly as 60 days. we have our way with it. but the doj would be hard-pressed now that they filed this lawsuit to be telling the court that they're not ready to go to trial on this case. so we expect them to be ready because we are. >> as i said in my opening comments, we're going into this to win. so to think of cutting losses, that's not in our vocabulary. we have a very good case, we're very confident in our case, and we intend to win. >> our final comment will be from terry jeffries from bloomberg. >> thanks for taking our questions. so does this doj approach to
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video content distribution have a competitive concern make at&t less inclined to pursue joint ventures or future -- any kind of future ventures with content companies on mobile? >> i would suggest to you that this lawsuit has the whole world questioning what they will, can, and cannot do. this throws a huge degree of uncertainty to anybody contemplating joint eternities, anybody contemplating. and that's one of the key concerns about this is to take suddenly without any notice and just upturn 50 years of precedent on a transaction like this could have nothing but a freezing effect on commerce in general. so i think that is the significance of this lawsuit that's been draught brought by the department of jut of. so with that, again, we appreciate everybody participating and joining us and thank you, again.
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>> good evening i'm charles payne. breaking tonight, at&t fighting back. this after the department of justice announced that it will sue to stop the at&t merger with time warner from going through valued at $85 billion when it was announced on october of 2016. the doj saying the merger would harm competition, result in higher bills and millions of customers. at&t just wrapping up a press conference following the announcement of that lawsuit. let's watch. >> this devise logic, and it is ununprecedented. i've done a lot of deals in my career quarterback but i've never done one where we have disagreed with the department of justice so much on even the most basic of facts. but despite our disagreements, we have offered concrete and substantial solutions. and as we head to court, we will continue to offer solutions that will allow this transaction to close.
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>> here with me now, charlie gasparino, ford o'connell, and washington examiner contributor randy, former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney and, charlie, let me start with you. you've been on top of this more than anyone else. you saw it coming. but it's still a bombshell. >> yeah. it is. and, you know, it's what i reported earlier, what i was -- listen, i didn't know that the doj today was going to come out with this. i knew it was eminent and before i was interrupted with sarah huckabee sanders, i was going to report the following, everybody, in particular 21st century fox is looking at a way the doj comes out on this deal to navigate what to do in the future, our boss is out there fielding offers, talking to people about selling certain assets. if the doj says that a deal like this, which is, you know, in the traditional sense not
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anticompetitive because it's a vertical deal as opposed to a horizontal. it's not mixing and matching directly competing products. if something like this, you know, is basically anticompetitive for the reason was you're mixing distribution with content and it's way too much concentration of assets in their view, well, so then other deals like this by logic probably can't go through. that doesn't mean they won't go through. just by logic. so what you have is two stories here. you have wall street bankers right now on their phones going nuts trying to figure this out; right? because we're in the news, a lot of people are in the news lately about selling assets, making strategic combinations, doing mergers and acquisitions, and the other thing is sort of the political aspect. you know, donald trump, you know, his verbal attacks on cnn during the campaign set the stage for this. and as we were first to report earlier in the year, that clearly his advisers were looking for ways to sculling
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this deal and to force a cnn we're openly talking about. forcing a cnn spin-off to make this deal go through as retribution to what donald trump believes is the lousy cnn. there's no doubt in my mind. i have this triple confirmed that his advisers were talking about this. now, he didn't say let's screw them because they did lousy coverage. they were saying too much concentration in assets. they were telling that to trump. >> president trump that said on the campaign trail, that they had too much power. >> but, really, does anybody think they have too much power? >> let me ask ford. on that note, ford, at&t pleading saying, hey, listen, you have netflix, which has 100 million customers, amazon with 60 million, google, facebook, you have players in this space that didn't exist years ago. netflix used to sell plastic disks in the mail and now they threatened the oldest, biggest company in media. so this is actually a merger
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to survive. but maybe it has go through. >> well, here's the key question if we do get before a district court judge, and that is does owning a bunch of channels throw in the marketplace. this is breaking news that ahead of the doj antitrust division is the comcast nbc universal deal went through, believe it or not, they actually did have to come to an agreement on some sort of fair play. i think the trump administration here who were to look at this specifically from a legal aspect and if the district judge came back in their favor, they would like to see structural remedies whereby they have to sell off parts of cnn or all of turner network in terms of the channels. so even though this is a vertical merger and usually the doj doesn't step in, you have to understand that even though these are not two light things, when you put them together, it does come about control of media and where is the law in this place?
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>> but we also know there's a major amount of mergers going on in this space, and it's like the wild, wild west. remember, a couple of weeks ago, or a week ago when randall stevens came out blasting saying, hey, we're not going to sell cnn. he brought it up again today. let's take a listen. >> in agreement the results of us forfeiting control with cnn either directly or indirectly is a nonstarter. we believe quite strongly that any at&t assets or time warner assets is not required by the law, and we no intention of backing down from the government's lawsuit. charles: randall stevenson, randy saying, hey, we're not going to back down. we're keeping this thing through. and, by the way, we want to go to court immediately. >> you know, someone might want to tell mr. stevenson that if i didn't pay my at&t bill, it would take longer than 60 days to take me to trial. so any notion that they'll be ready for trial in 60 days is
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really laughable, and it's a sound byte, and not for nothing. if this is really all about trying to find out if the white house is controlling the department of justice, and this is some kind of ego play, it's going to take a hell of a lot longer than 60 days to get the discovery of all of the e-mails and all of the communications between the white house and doj. >> let me throw a wild card in here. charles: one at a time. they're not going to say okay. let's find the e-mail between trump. this is where they have strong grounds if they're going to pursue it. and i agree with you this is going to take longer than 60 days. this is going to be a trial. they're going to say by any stretch of logic, this is not anticompetitive. people are can you get the cord. we as a cable provider as directv, you know, you don't have to take directv. a lot of people are can you get the cord and are going for -- are consuming their news differently than it makes this almost -- in order for us to survive, we have to make
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this play. we have to gather content. people have lot of choices, not too few choices that, and having those choices is why it's not anticompetitive, and he's right on that sense. now, that doesn't mean he's not going to go through with this. because let me tell you something. the government on this deal, that's a heavy lift. charles: we've seen a lot of companies like ibm, for instance, lose sight of their primary business and fall apart. but he made threats through that press conference that he would actually go to the government and find out if there's some sort of personal vendetta here. to charlie gasparino's point, he made that twice. i heard it. >> well, there's a reason why that is, charles. because we're talking about going to court in the lawsuit, understand something else. at&t is paying time warner $107 a share and right now their stock is at 81. if this thing drops to 50 or 60, it may not even be worth the deal, and they have to restructure it, sculling it,
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and do it later. so they're awesome on a time crunch themselves, and that's why they're threatening the white house. >> and, by the way, i know we don't want to shift tears for wall street but wall street is going to get crushed on this thing. >> exactly. >> this was one of the biggest arbitrage plays, viewers bet on the deals that's happening. and look what's happening. i won't be surprised if there's a hedge fund that goes out of business, i think there would have to be at least one hemorrhage fund going out of business over this thing. charles: well, really quickly, the likelihood at least one deal gets done. but would cnn have to be the concession. >> it's going to have to be a concession. we saw it happen with nbc u and comcast and here it's different. enough with the sound bytes because the consumers will get harmed if this thing goes to litigation one way or another. you care about the consumer, settle the damn thing. charles: all right. everyone, thank you very, very much. we'll be right back zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis,
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and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor.
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>> with the democrats giving us no votes for tax cuts for purely political reasons, obstructionists, it will be up to the republicans to come through for america. i think they will. i hope they will. it's up to the senate. and if they approve it, the house and the senate would get together, i'll be there right in the middle of it, and we will come up with a bill that will be spectacular for growth and spectacular for the people of this country. charles: president trump pressuring republican senators to unite behind tax reform earlier today as the senate tax bill teeters on the -- well, it's on a tightrope, let's put it this way. i mean, after all, you have seven key swing votes right now. the republicans are in the spot spot light. you're looking at them all with various concerns about the tax biological. all or possibly over possible
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changes, including keeping obamacare, the individual mandate part of it. to jillian, herb london, president of london research, and senior fellow at independent women's forum. let me start with you. mcmulvaney suggesting over the weekend that maybe they don't need to keep the individual mandate aspect of it. i thought it was a stroke of genius when the senate came up with it. it avoided $300 billion, that could definitely crush the middle class, and it feels a little bit less wishy washy. >> i remain somewhat confident. the republicans have to make this happen. if they do not, you start looking at 2018, it will be a crushing defeat. >> i know but listen to what you're saying. you're confident because they have to make it happen. >> that's right. charles: not because you like the plan, not because they've shown cohesiveness with the progress. >> some people are going to be dissatisfied no matter what you do. there is no question you
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cannot satisfy everyone. you're going to have seven republicans that are going to be very much opposed. the democrats are going to be opposed across the board. there is no doubt it's going to be very difficult to get this through. but it seems to me when i say it has to happen, the republicans have to no choice. charles: all right. so jillian, they get rid of individual mandate, one vote and 338 billion. i don't think she's worth that vote, but we'll see. >> murkowski too. charles: murkowski. >> and to your point, i'm not sure this will happen because it has. obamacare was going to die. i do agree with the individual mandate, and that's one thing that republicans have been on the defense little, and we should be absolutely going on the aggressive about this. because we're saving money, essentially funding a tax cut by not forcing people to buy insurance that they don't want and can't afford. these are undesirable things that are being on the american
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people coercively, and i am really skeptical of murkowski pushing this. charles: and, of course, you have everybody out there. you have small business units out there. you have folks saying, hey, by 2027, the middle class, everyone making less than $70,000 will actually have a tax hike. that's certainly not what was advertised. >> no. and right now, congress has a rare opportunity to pass historic tax reform of our burdensome tax code and everyone who cares about the burden on the american family and put more of those hard ahead of you earned dollars back into the pockets of american families should be supporting this first step. it's not perfect. it's not going to please everybody. but it's the only way that we're going to move towards the ability to create more jobs, to promote economic growth, and essentially to limit the federal government. if republicans don't stand for a limited government, then they stand for nothing. and the way that the tax code has become so complicated and
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so burdensome, goes against those principles. charles: real quick, guys. they have to make it happen. but what do you think the ultimate version looks like? >> well, the ultimate version i think will provide some tax relief for the middle class. small businesses, obviously, johnson is going to make a pitch for that, and i think that will happen. the key, of course, is to reduce that corporate tax to to% because that's where the real economic growth will come from. charles: jillian, you think so? >> yeah. this is great on the economic growth. i would like to see it more simplified. i would like to see all americans get tax cut rather than some americans getting a tax cut for incentivized behaviors. but overall, this is better than what we have before. charles: all right. well, it's going to happen because it has got to happen. fingers crossed. guys, thanks a lot. coming up, president trump gets no gratitude. so why isn't the father of one of those ucla basketball players arrested in china thanking the president for releasing his son? in fact, why is he dissing the
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charles: president trump shooting with the father of one of the three ucla basketball players' fathers that he helped release from china after shoplifting from china. saying shoplifting is a very big deal in china, as it should be. five to ten years. but not to father. shouldn't have gotten his son out. china told him why they were released. very ungrateful. this just a few days after the players did, in fact, thank the president for helping secure the release. here to discuss now, fox news contributor and back with us, ford o'connell. here's what i don't get. what happened to gratitude? i just don't. i don't care where you are on the political stance. if your child is arrested in a foreign country like california highway patrol of all players, you just say thank you.
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>> yeah. has absolutely no idea how long his son could have been in prison in china. he is definitely displaying to the world, really, how arrogant he is and unappreciative he is for what president trump did. but in this regard, it's like president trump can't win. if he didn't do anything, he would have been criticized. he did something and the kid's father is even criticizing him. it's outrageous. >> here's from other problem i have with this. blatant racism. sean king also put out a tweet saying ungrateful is the new n word. pay attention. >> well, look, trump's detractor in the media are never going to give him an inch. here's what i do want to say about him who has his own critics. i'm not shocked that he downplayed trump's role. what blows my mind is his response where he says, look, i'm from los angeles. i've seen a lot worse. the problem is beijing is not los angeles. this wathis was on a foreign territory where you could actually face up to ten years
6:24 pm
on jail or better yet, you may never get a trial. this is what's magnify here is that we don't seem to understand that this is beijing and putting american values and putting it over there. charles: but i think that's a cop out, ford. he knows that beijing isn't l.a. and everyone has heard the horror stories. and it could have been. but the thing is that he goes on this rant about this being racism. donald trump over the weekend did a tweet against jeff flake, called him flaky; right? he has had battles with people. it's not the criteria for getting a nasty tweet from donald trump. it's crossing him or in this case being ungrateful. >> yeah. well, what is joe scarborough talking about? president trump is not a racist individual. he is looking out for all americans. he went out of his way to make sure this young man and his teammates were able to come back to the united states. and what a shame that they blew such an amazing opportunity to go all the way over there to play for the
6:25 pm
ucla and just, you know, made a really big mess of the whole moving and we don't want to lose the sight of the fact that they were arrested for shoplifting, and i think they admitted as much, and they were representatives not only of ucla but of america. they were our ambassadors over there, ford. so a very embarrassing moment. you would think that the father would stand in the shadows or go away. but instead, that didn't happen. what do you make of folks saying president trump was unpresidential because he tweeted about this? >> you know, look, i don't think he's unpresidential because essentially, the news cycle wouldn't have given him credit for it, as long as he didn't talk about it. and, unfortunately, in this day and age, vicious politics, sometimes, you have to do your own self promotion, charles. and i don't blame president trump because he actually did something really good here. and we knew that if he didn't do it, it was going to be shouldn't have done it anyway. it was a no-win situation and, frankly, his critics would say why didn't you attack aids
6:26 pm
first? . >> so if he didn't do it, it was racism, if he didn't do it, it was racism. president trump wrapping up calls for that wall this after border agent was killed in texas by illegal immigrants. a brutal, brutal, brutal murder. we'll have more details for you right here on fox business alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. big thinking in the finger lakes is pushing the new new york forward. we're the number one dairy and apple producers in the eastern united states supported by innovative packaging that extends the shelf life of foods and infrastructure upgrades that help us share our produce with the world. ..
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border patrol and i.c.e. agents along the dangerous southern border. as you heard, we lost a border patrol officer just yesterday, and another was badly beaten and hurt. it looks like he will make it, but badly hurt. we talk about the wall. we are going to have the wall. it's hart of what we are doing. we need it. charles: president trump calling for a border wall after two border patrol agents were ambushed, one killed and another in serious condition. >> it's a difficult time for us out here. charles: you have an enormous job. for a long time it was under
6:31 pm
appreciated. but all prayers are with you. what do you need right now? >> we are frustrated, sad and angry. and i think we are have much under appreciated. we are fortunate to have a president that brings these issues to the public eye more than ever before. but the reality is we lost one of our brothers and it's very hard. i think, you know, obviously you guys are going to hear the talk about the wall. but there are a lot of other things we need, we need that wall, and we need to retain the agents we have. we need more equipment. we need the agents that work for us to be properly compensated. one of the big issues we have been hearing, especially after agent martinez' death -- and i dealt with it firsthand -- there are too many times that our
6:32 pm
agents get attacked. there are too many times our agents get assaulted, and there are no consequences to those individuals who assaulted and attacked our agents. charles: is that because they flee back across the border or we don't have the right criminal processes here if we capture them on our soil? >> right now the border patrol agents are hurting. i'm not going to be very politically correct and i know that. i'll speak straight from the heart from the agents calling me and talking to me. we need to stop worrying about slam dunk cases and need to worry about people who attack our agents. it makes no sense we have people who attack our agents. they suffer and they are left in light duty after these attacks
6:33 pm
and they only get prosecuted for reentry into the country. there needs to be stricter penalties and they need to be enforced against those who attack our agents. charles: are the agents allowed to defend themselves? but if they used a rock to crush agent martinez' brain or skull, it seems they would have to get very close and it would have to be a serious planned out ambush. >> for something like this to happen to agent martinez in an area he worked consistently. he knew the area. that's all we can explain is if it was a planned ambush and for another agent to worked near him to have trauma to the head, there is no other explanation. i hope they are captured.
6:34 pm
there is a special place in hell for those who hurt our agents like that. charles: we thank you for your service as always. more renewed calls for trump's border wall. the washington times columnist and advisor to the national diversity coalition for president trump. it's heartbreaking to hear someone talk about one of their brothers being murdered and ambushed and murdered on the job like that. we hear renewal calls for the wall. what do you think? at some point the rest of the country needs to join president trump and say let's get this wall up. >> after seeing what happened this week, i don't know how anybody in this country could be against putting up a wall on the southern border. it's heartbreaking to see families like agent martinez'
6:35 pm
family left without a father, a husband, a son. we have to think about the safety of our border agents and american citizens. we have criminals and drugs coming over the borders. charles: ford, do you think this latest attack will get the ball moving? >> unfortunately no. we need a change in how law enforcement is able to engage legal immigrants. we need a whole change in our laws. there is not the political will in washington to do this. democrats want new voters through chain migration and some want cheap labor. this is a reminder the bored isn't secure and hasn't -- the border isn't secure and hasn't been for several years.
6:36 pm
charles: is there a desire to have illegal immigrants come into this country? >> i think there is a greater desire to stop illegal immigrants. so many people have been affected by illegal felons. people who have been deported three, four, five times and have come back to sanctuary cities. we need to address sanctuary cities and larger immigration policy. on top of that, one of the things people are talking about on both sides of the aisle is combining border technologies with the wall. charles: madison, ford, thank you very much. investors await for details on tax reform. and the economy doing extremely well.
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i used to maybe give a little. then i got so much back. i used to have cancer. please give at >> 8 was another solid session for the market. janet yellen leaving the fed. but stocked did fade into the close. but i'm telling you what you have got to look at. economic under pinnings. this morning the october conference for leading economic indicators up 1.2%. it was the highest number in years. hourly wages, manufacturing, initial plans for unemployment, manufacturing orders, consumer goods and materials.
6:41 pm
building permits. new private housing units. stock market prices. you spread for interest rates, treasury bonds. average consumer expectations for business conditions. the only thing that was negative is manufacturing orders. the leading economic indicators, this was dovetailed with a sharp spike from fourth quarter gdp. trim production along with housing starts and permits. right now the new york fed sees the current quarter, 3.8%. it's been a long time since our economy has seem three consecutive quarters of 3-plus percent growth. it would signal the return of most of levers of the economy, including consumers.
6:42 pm
brick and mortar names were on fire. and there are strong financial results. the company beat the streets. tomorrow morning there will be a large slate of retail names reporting including lowes and dollar tree. bitcoin has returned to a new all-time high. last moisture was down 20% in one week. but it reversed itself. this in part because of the approval of square. christmas, thanks for joining us. you and i have had this discussion on air, off air about the visibility of bitcoin and crip to currency. i watched the movie effort to weekend called "tool of fever."
6:43 pm
it reminded me of the biggest bubble in history. many people say we are watching it again in bitcoin. >> it many not just bitcoin. there are many different crip to currencies. your kids will treat crip to currencies the same way they treat hurt -- treat thursday night television. it's a change in the way money is being exchanged. bit coins one of the crip to currencies out there forging forward. charles: these ipos, initial coin offerings. it is a wild wild west. people are going to get burned, aren't they? >> there are a lot of companies that have seened the ipos and opportunities just to raise a
6:44 pm
lot of money. a lot of ipos and raised a lot of capital. but you have to look at the teams and the structures of these icos. we have to do everything by the book and make sure everything we do is registered with the fcc. charles: bitcoin, can it go to a million per bitcoin? i know there are a lot of currencies out there. is that a possibility? >> we would hope so. charles: a massive manhunt for the gunman who fatally shot a police officer. this is the second murder of and law enforcement officers in the line of duty. we have those details next.
6:45 pm
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charles: the search for cop killer in pennsylvania is under way. this was during a traffic stop on friday. >> to the individual that did this, we'll find, we'll arrest you, and we'll prosecute you so that you are held accountable for what has occurred. charles: brian shaw, just one of two officers killed in the line of duties within three days. a baltimore police homicide detective was fatally shot while investigating a murder. former nypd officer, randy you stop, and dan, i'll start with
6:49 pm
you, we are doing these stories all too often. i like to do them, not because i think the cornerstone is a civil and safe society and with this war and cops, who can feel safe. >> detective sueder. five kids. that's five kidsl who will grow up without a parent because some animal shot him in the shade when he walked down a dark alley. this is not a democrat-republican thing. but there are people on the far left who are committed to dehumanizing and depersonalizing our police officers. there are holidays coming up. these kids there never seen their father begin. he died a hero. a total disgrace.
6:50 pm
charles: there is a force that seems to highlight any negativity in the police department but never high lating the good that comes from the police force. things we take for granted, anything from going to work to take our kids to soccer practice. >> you are right, charles. the men and women of law enforcement a acting compassionately every day. the stories that men and women of law enforcement and how they are interacting with other people and change their lives for the good, you never hear that. if i need to correct you on something. there were three law enforcement officers killed in the last three days. four murdered in the line of duty. what we are seeing is an incredible upsurge of attacks on
6:51 pm
law enforcement officers. 2016, 57,000, 57,000 law enforcement officers were assaulted in the line of duty, shot, stabbed, beaten, hit with cars, and that is a statistic. charles: 57,000. dan, how do you turn the tide? >> we can stop using our cops as political footballs it's a damn disgrace that people decided to do this. but randy said it right. these are men and women dealing with 50, 60, 7 oh radio runs a day. you get one guy once every month who does something that's bad and he's disciplined and we use him as a political football? if they do something wrong, we call them out. but up until then these guys
6:52 pm
deserve the benefit of the doubt. charles: the fallout for tv host charlie rose after allegations from eight women claiming rose sexually harassed him. the reports are that they worked for rose or aexpired to at pbs. rose co-hosted cbs this morning and is a contributing correspondent to 60 minutes. cbs said charlie rose is suspended immediately. these allegations are extremely disturbingen we take them seriously. we are immediately $suspending distribution of charlie rose. it's produced by charlie rose inc. an independent television production company.
6:53 pm
from bloomberg we are deeply disturbed to learn of these allegations and are immediately suspending the show from airing on blook bloomberg tv. charlie rose released a statement. it's essential these women know i hear them. i am greatly embarrassed. i have behaved insensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that. though i do not believe all of these allegations are accurate. i always felt i was pursuing shared feeling even though i now realize i was mistaken. we'll be right back.
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charles: president trump announces that u.s. will redesignate, north korea as a state sponsor of terror. joining me now, fred fleece and
6:57 pm
bruce clinger. fred it has been a while, president trump today said what took so long. north korea seem the to be a no-brainer, yet they have been off the list since george w. bush took them off. >> you know it not what took so long. not a surprise that obama administration did not put them on the list. the question is why did bush administration in october of 2,8 take them off, reason is they were engaged in a policy of apiecapeacement. -- appeasement, they were desperate to get agreement with north korea, once they did, they walked away from it. i think that president is
6:58 pm
determined to be tough with north korea. >> president trump has been clear on that point. you know we know history of north korea taking money from the west. signing into deals they never plan to honor. we want to avid that trap. what does this move give us? what additional leverage? >> it is long overdue, something that north korea has been fulfilling legal requirements for pitting them back on terrorism list for years. you know it may not add a lot of real additional sanctions. u.s. has a lot of executive orders and laws, in many cases not fully enforced. it will add to moral per --
6:59 pm
persuade business partners from engaging with north korea, businesses and banks don't want to be linked to a regime that is designated as a sponsor of terror. charles: today rex tillerson took great pain saying that people of north korea will suffer mightily. he tried to warn the world it will be ugly. are we talking mass starving a. >> i think that is tragedy of dealing with rogue states like this, the elite puts pain on the people. we have to pursue every possible peaceful avenue before we consider a military action against north korea, unfortunately that will put a lot of pain on the people, we know that sanctions are starting to bite, i think they are starting to affect the regime, with china's help we'll see. charles: do you making any of fact it has been over 60 days since there has been any sort of
7:00 pm
prprovocative action from north korea. >> they do a lot less missile laurens in 4th quarter -- launches in the 4th quarter of the year. charles: thank you very much. now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, breaking tonight, state of texas is offering a reward for any information on the murder of a border patrol agent, who was reportedly beaten to death by illegal immigrants, throwing rocks. president trump said this is another example of why we need the border wall. so why are g.o.p. congressional leaders blocking the building of that wall? despite the clear and present danger posed by drug cartels, disappearance of tens of thousands and mexico, murders of 100,000 people a year there. the transport of most of


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